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Hire Talented Freelancers for your projects! or Work as a Freelancer

WorkPar is a freelance marketplace where Freelancers and Employers meet and get work done.

WorkPar Guideline

  • Find Freelancers

    Select your preferred freelancer by searching using your needs or browsing the services posted by freelancers
  • Hire the Freelancer

    Task your Freelancer by giving clear and specific directions on your project. Give a deadline and relax.
  • Colaborate

    Use our chat platforms to communicate with your freelancers and customers to clarify issues about the project.
  • Pay After Delivery

    With our Escrow system, you only release the money to the freelance when the work is done.

Way to work on a job

  • Customer Posts Job

    A customer posts a Job stating the expected delivery

  • Freelancers Search

    Freelancers search for jobs and select the one they can handle.

  • Freelancers Bid

    Freelancers place their bids stating their fees and delivery time

  • Customer Picks

    The customer evaluates the bids and picks his or her preferred freelancer

  • Creating Milestones

    The Customer can create multiple milestones for the completion of the project

  • Collaborate and Chat

    The Freelancer and the Customer collaborate on the delivery by chatting in the workroom

  • Completed Work

    Freelancer completes the work and as per the milestones and makes final submission

  • Payment and Review

    The customer releases the payment and leaves a review rating the freelancer

Way to work on a service

  • Search for the services posted by freelancers using our search and side filters. Filter based your task and the skill category needed.
  • Hire your prefered freelancer by buyong the service. Pay for the service and include extras if needed. Also agree on a fair deadline.
  • Collaborate with your freelancer to clarify on the project. Use chat to give specific details of your project.
  • Freelancer starts working on your project to deliver the service as you ordered
  • Freelancer completes the task and submits the completed work through the workroom to the customer.
  • The Customer submits review the service availed by rating the freelancer

I want to hire a Talented but aVetted Freelancer

Hire talented freelancers fast and cheaply. At WorkPar, you simply browse the specific services offered by freelancers and order their gigs or customize it to fit your needs. You can also post your project if it is specific and you do not find it in the services offered. Here, you do not have to read and evaluate hundreds of bids from freelancers, some of which do not reflect their true ability.
We have fast and secure payment options and gateways to easily pay for the tasks you need to get done. You pay for only the skills and job offers that you select. You can also pay for extra services offered by your selected freelancer.
We have a pool of vetted freelancers who post job offers to market their skills. This makes it easy and simple for any person to buy the job offers. Every gig is specific to a category, which makes it easy to Browse and Hire freelancers.

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I’m looking for Online Work

Get hired even as you hire others for your projects. WorkPar is a freelance marketplace to hire the best freelancers in the world or get hired to complete on-demand tasks. We provide a platform where freelancers offer their skills and gets hired. Simply put, WorkPar connects skilled and talented freelancers and employers

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With our App, you can keep your projects running while mobile