Where Bloggers get their Content: All you need to Know

where bloggers get their content

Content is very important in blogging. It helps connect and build trust with your audience. Most online website owners have a lot of content and you may wonder, where do these online bloggers get their content from.

They realize that content is also important in digital marketing efforts, and they invest in it. Posting content regularly on your blog is important to help keep your blog effective.

Where Do Bloggers Get Their Content From?

The most sources Where Bloggers get their Content include creation of new content, revising existing ones, accepting guest posts, and paying freelance writers to write for them.

Let us discuss these ways you can use to create content for your blog:

1. Creating new Content

One’s content can either be created from scratch or not. Creating your content requires concentration and time. It mostly suits people who love researching, writing, editing, and recording.

When you feel that you need inspiration on what to write about, you can research for ideas. These ideas help you create content that suits your blog the most.

A keyword analysis is also important when creating content for your blog. Tools such as the Google Keyword planner help you identify the perfect keywords to base your research on.

Always do away with no search volume keywords, keywords that are not relevant enough, and the ones that have too much competition for rank. Conduct detailed research on the keyword you use to stand a chance of ranking higher on search engines.

When creating content, always have your target audience in mind. Come up with a way of provide value to your audience. Consider every angle during the research of what you are writing about.

When writing the content for your blog, always compare what you write with the blogs that rank higher on that topic. Your content should be a notch higher in value and detail. Cite your work well and include links that lead to authoritative sites to prove credibility to your audience.

2. Re-vising Already existing content

Other than creating content from scratch, you can re-purpose content that you have already. Re-purposing content involves recreating content in a new way, a new format, or a new story. It is a key strategy for your blog in the following ways:

  • You will become more findable in search engines. More people will get to know you when you share and promote your quality content.
  • You will be able to iterate your core messages. When you deliver the same content in multiple ways you will show your consistency and reliability to your clients. Your clients will like you more because you will be clear on what your position and brad are.
  • You will become an expert in the area you have specialized on. When you concentrate on a specific niche, you will become the go-to person for the niche. Consistency with quality content builds trust among your customers.

3. Inviting guests to post.

The other way of getting content for your blog is by inviting guests to post on your blog. It a popular way that is used to get blog content but it is mostly done wrong. Some of the methods you can use to invite guest post effectively include:

  1. Exchanging guest post. Mostly done by people who are new to each other, this involves writing posts for each other. Through this method, you can backlink to each other. It works best also for bloggers with an equal number of readers.
  2. Agree on the uniqueness of the content i.e. if it can be syndicated on another blog.
  3. Converse and agree on basic stuff like the word count, topic or titles, and SEO keywords.
  4. Agree in advance for a deadline date that spares enough time for publishing
  5. Both of your target audiences should be the same. The target audiences should be people looking for products and services that you both provide.
  6. Give the writer credit. This is mostly through links back to their sites.
  7. Publish the post on a date you both agree on and promote their post as much as you promote yours.
  8. Never expect someone to write your content completely free.

Finding great guest bloggers is a challenge these days.  The industry has become saturated and you may receive several pitches a day.  You must go through them to find one that fits your subject matter because many don’t.

You can create a page in our blog that outlines the guidelines to be included in any guest blog. Guest bloggers must follow the guidelines for their post to be accepted.

Importance of guest blog posts in your website

Guest bloggers are of importance to your blog in the following ways.

  1. You lighten your workload. Sometimes bloggers concentrate more on other aspects of running their blogs and forget to post content regularly. Guest bloggers will make sure your blog has content regularly without creating it yourself.
  2. You will attract more visitors and customers. When there is a regular flow of content on your blog, more visitors are likely to be attracted. The more the visitors, the more the potential partners.
  3. They promote their content for you. Some of them will share the content on their emails, blogs, and social media platforms. They will reach people you could not reach on your own.
  4. Freelance writers will also help you expand your subject matter. You may likely lack experience in a few fields of your industry. Guest bloggers will help you write quality content from these fields.

4. Hiring someone to write your blog posts

Done-for-you blog posts are white-labeled, pre-written blog posts that you can use as your own. Making them your own involves branding and customizing them just like the rest of your products.

With these blog posts, you don’t have to write your own from scratch or pay for your custom ghostwritten pieces. They are of high quality and not expensive.

This becomes a solution to getting content whenever you feel like you can’t do it on your own. You can check what content writing services are to learn more about their importance

The main advantages of done-for-you articles include:

  • They prevent you from any kind of content frustration because you will not create it and it will be available anytime.
  • They save you time because they are ready-made.
  • You will not hire a content creator. It’s cheaper.

It is always recommended that you do not copy-paste content that is done for you. To help grow your blog, always go through the content and make sure it is truly the kind of content you would truly deliver to your blog visitors.

Tips when using Done-for-You Blog Posts

Done-for-you articles are always considered 80% done. This, therefore, raises the need for customization. If you are stuck on how to customize a done-for-you article, consider the following tips.

  • Always make sure that the title is per your niche. If you have specialized in computers, there is no need for publishing articles for other electronics. Always edit and change the title if you feel that it sounds different.
  • Always add your style, voice, and idiosyncrasy in the article. Your business and audience depend on it so it is important to do so. Make the article sound like the previous ones you have uploaded. There is no need of making your readers suspect that anything has changed.
  • Everything should follow your core messages and brand. These are some of the things that make you unique and everything you post should be in line with them.
  • You can add any personal content. A video, a story, a recipe, tips, images, and download that will help a reader identify with you.
  • Lastly, always include calls to action (CTAs) of your own. These include social sharing buttons, email subscriber opt-in forms, and links to other posts (that are similar to the one you are posting) in your blog.

3. Hiring a Freelance Article Writer

It is always a huge investment when hiring a good blog post writer for your blog. They can either be ghostwriters or by-lined authors. Hiring a quality writer is a huge step in content development for your unique, custom, expertise over time.

Hiring a writer also gets you a huge responsibility out of your shoulder. The responsibility of writing content for your blog.

Writers always are hired at a cost. The cost depends on what you want. For instance, WorkPar’s SEO writing service is charged by freelancers in their offers and time spent writing. Some of the factors include?

  • How fast do you want the work to be done?
  • The kind of research that you want. Some researchers are costly than others.
  • How long will commitment with the writer will be.
  • How long are the posts? The more the pages the more the price.
  • Whether the writer will be a ghostwriter or if their name will be on the post?

Other than writing the posts, will there be other activities such as extra edits, maintaining editorial calendars, social media promotions, meeting with you, creating images, and uploading the posts on your blog.

Tips when hiring a freelance blog writer

If you are stranded on the strategy you should use to hire a writer, consider the following:

  • Come up with editorial guidelines for your job. This will specify the type of writer you are looking for.
  • Post a job advert. This makes interested freelancers apply for the job.
  • Review a bunch of portfolios. They should people you feel are suitable for the job.
  • Select a few people and interview them. These should be that best of the bunch. Evaluate each one of them to see who will fit your work effectively.
  • You can pay for a test post from the top three. Go through the post and comment on them. select the best of the three. You can start by publishing his content on your blog.
  • Ask the writer where he or she gets content ideas. There are several sources of blog content ideas that writers and bloggers get hints from. Some get ideas from social places like Quora and Reddit, which is good.

When you get a writer, make sure he or she has no concerns about working with you. For instance, writers in our content writing services are freelancers, and they work under instructions.

Together with the writer, you can decide on how long you will work together, once posts are published who will be promoting them, how and when you will be meeting up, the schedule, and who will be coming up with and updating the editorial calendar.