How much to Charge for Press Release: how Freelancers Cost

How to craft the perfect press release

Press releases are common when your organization wants to make official communication over certain issues. Prices may range from writers to writers. However, our interest is to settle for the standard prices.

The average price freelancers charge for a press release is between $ 60 and $ 150 per hour. The cost per project ranges between $300 to $1500 depending on the time spent and technicalities. Others charge the project per word, with the lowest being $ 3 per word.

However, that is just an estimate. Suppose the project is long-term; you can negotiate per the entire project.

Press releases happen in most organizations across all parts of the world. Specifically, let’s put our focus on particular nations as listed below:

Rates and Charges for Press Releases Around the World

a)     United States

Several factors determine how you will charge for the press release in the US. Firstly, it should be of high quality with the right content that captures the user’s intents.

In the United States, if you are an experienced, skilled press release writer, the cost can range from $500 to $ 3000 per project. If you are looking for low-end press releases, then it can still fit in your budget. The standard charges for the low-end writers are $ 50 per page.

b)     United Kingdom

When performing public relations campaigns through writing press releases in the UK, the experience is an added advantage. May companies and organizations would want to hire someone with an excellent reputation in the industry. 

The smallest agencies may charge 500 Sterling pounds per project. That is only the starting point. Some well-established agencies charge more to make a press release. Each press release would cost between $ 100 and $ 200 as the standard charges for the professionals.

c)     Canada

Canada is no different from the rest of the countries in the world. The rate of charging on press releases may differ according to the level of professionalism. Beginner writers may offer low rates due to lack of experience. Also, their bargaining power is low since the skill may not match with the experienced counterparts.

Experts may charge per word, per project, or page. The standard rates for such projects are $ 5 per word if you are a professional. Furthermore, it is $ 150 per page. The rates may increase depending on the writer.

The low-end writers still have their say in this matter. For example, a beginner may charge $ 2 per word.

Why hire a Freelance Press Release Writer

As an organization, you will need a press release writer for the following reasons:

a)      Publicity

Why hire a professional press release writer

As a writer, you must understand what constitutes acceptable content that bargains with the right public image.

The press release should suit multiple platforms and channels. They may range from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp, and the daily newspapers.

A good writer knows how to articulate good content and leave it to the public to digest and understand the intents properly.

b)     Strong Media Campaign

A press release writer can produce well-written content that can serve as an intense media campaign. For instance, it can be for a particular fundraising event or involve a significant corporate takeover.

The type of content that access the media should be on point. Media is a perfect platform for many readers to access the information about a particular organization and act on the provided information.

c)      It could go Viral

Suppose the organization does a brilliant thing and gets a good writer who can articulate it; the chances are that the press release may be informative and entertaining.

If the next influential reporter picks the story up, it will cause the reporter worldwide to keep on reproducing the story. As such, it offers unprecedented marketing. Such scenarios can happen when you have a qualified press release writer.

d)     To improve Visibility

One must fight the share of visibility in the market. About that, you need a long term press release writer to inform the consumers of what you do. Also, the journalist can offer you comprehensive coverage as you establish a relationship.

Journalists are ever looking for information. They will give you the right coverage if the content in the press release is newsworthy.

Qualities of a Good Press release Writer

A good press writer should write top quality content that any online media or journalist can pick and interpret. One must have the following traits:

a)      Attention-Grabbing

Your press release can only grab an exciting angle if the writer puts it in the correct press format. The press release will fail miserably if you settle for the standards ones.

As a professional press release writer, you must pick the relevant information to your story and the correct newsworthy angles. Majoring on newsworthy angles can transform the content into relevant news to help one to hit the target.

b)     Simple and short Content

You must keep the press release short so that the other party does not remain unread.

It would help if you never missed the opportunity of sharing the most vital information concerning your brand. Professionals balance their words to maximize space. Never throw unnecessary details that are overwhelming.

c)      Targeting audience

One should have a target audience. The entire concept is to convert the audience by tuning to their frequency. The press release must speak to the targeted audience in the right journalist tone, or it may fail terribly.

As a professional press release writer, you must master the art of sharing the story as a report and not as a salesman.

d)     Conveys Credible and Accurate Facts

If you want more credibility, then the written content should be in the form of a story rather than a traditional advertisement. Also, you must proofread to ensure the content is not misleading. It must be clear and accurate.

Ensure that the content is mistake-free so that it does not sacrifice on the credibility. It should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

e)      Arouse the Reporter/Journalist Curiosity

The right press release should encourage the reader to ask for additional details. The contact information at the end of the press release may not guarantee that the media will contact you as professional writers should reach out to the audience and direct their actions. 

Why our Writers are the Best to Write Your Press Release

We have a team of press release writers who does a marvelous job to ensure your information reaches the right audience for action. They succeed by doing the following:

Why hire us to write your press releases
  • Writing Attention-Grabbing headline

A strong headline is excellent, just like it is for the book or a magazine article. Our headlines prompt reporters to seek good stories. Furthermore, the headline is accurate and engaging.

  • Grammatically Flawless

Our writers always proofread the press release before sending it out to the media. They avoid minor mistakes since they come at a cost. For example, a small mistake can dissuade the reporter from believing in the full content.

  • One page is Fine

Our press release writers do not burden the audience by writing long content that can discourage them from completing to read it wholly. It is always shorter by limiting it to a single page. They condense the valuable information into a simple and readable format.

  • Constant Information

The writers will include the contact information to encourage the follow-up if you want to seek for further clarification. The contact information may include phone numbers or the email contact that they answer it promptly.

  • Specific

The content is on point from the first to the last paragraph. The subsequent paragraphs support the information to ensure the excellent flow of the information systematically.